General Staff Building

Здание Главного штаба

Place: Palace Square On the map

Construction time: 1819-1829

Architect: Carlo Rossi

Style: Empire

Notable features: Facade length is about 600 m, arch of the building is surmounted by a bronze chariot of Glory.

What it was in the old days: the General Headquarters of the Russian Army (the General Staff) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were situated there.

What it is nowadays: The headquarters of the Leningrad Military District. The left part of the building is used for the expositions of the State Hermitage museum.

Interesting fact: The rooms of  the Headquarters are closed to the visitors. But few people know that the main ceremonial hall can be seen in the film “007: Golden Eye.” Shooting were allowed by the personal approval of Anatoly Sobchak, the first and the only mayor of St. Petersburg.

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