University Embankment

Name Origin: the buildings of the St. Petersburg State University are located there.
Памятник Василию Корчмину

Interesting facts: Universitetskaya Embankment is situated on the Vasilyevsky Island, which is the largest of the 42 islands of modern St. Petersburg. At the night time when the bridges are drawn, the Vasilyevsky Island becomes the only part of the city which is completely isolated. The island’s name is associated with a man named Basil. Until recent times, it was believed that it was a Korchmin Basil, a fellow of Peter the Great, who had an artillery battery on the island. A monument was established In his honor near to the metro station “Vasileostrovskaya”. However, it soon became clear: the monument was established wrong. Indeed, the Name of the island was introduced in Novgorod scribe in 1500, before the birth of Basil Korchmin remained at least for several centuries.

Major Attractions:

Neva the main waterway of Petersburg.

Annonciation Bridge – the first permanent bridge across the Neva, created one century and a half after the appearance of the city.

Academy of Art – a rare example of a building in St. Petersburg, which retains its function for over two centuries.

Menshikov Palace – the largest building of the Petrine Petersburg exceeded in size the palace of Peter the Great.

St. Petersburg State University – the oldest university in Russia from which D.A. Medvedev, V.V. Putin and even V.I. Lenin had graduated.

Kunstkamera the first museum in Russia. Its name can be translated as “The House of curiosities”.

Zoological Museum – mostly known for its several mammoths, brought here from Siberia.

Rostral columns lighthouses that can be found on the 50-ruble banknote.

Palace Bridge – a symbol of the St. Petersburg at night.

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