Troitsky (Trinity) Square

Троицкая площадь. Путеводитель

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Троицкая площадь, гравюра А. Зубова (1716)Value: here in 1721 Russia became an empire.

Name: on the square is Trinity Church, where funeral of Peter the Great was.

Interesting facts:  here was situated the center of Petrine St. Petersburg: Trinity Church, the first Gostiny Dvor, the first building collegiums (ministries), the first city port. That is why the island, where the Trinity Square was, originally named the city or St. Petersburg. In 1914 Russia enters the First World War. Russia was fighting against Germany and Austria-Hungary, the German-speaking countries. The German name “Saint-Petersburg” was replaced by Russian “Petrograd”. Although after the death of Lenin in 1924 the city was renamed in Leningrad and in 1991 following referendum the historical name “St. Petersburg” was returned to the city, the island until now remains “Petrogradsky”.

Major Attractions:

St. John Bridgethe oldest of more than 300 bridges of St. Petersburg.

Walls of Peter and Paul Fortress one of the best fortifications in the world that has not made a single shot at the enemy.

The State Hermitage Museum – largest museum of Russia and the fourth largest museum in the world. Hermitage complex consists of five connected buildings, four of which are visible from the promenade. These are:

  • Winter Palace – the main residence of the Russian emperors.
  • Small Hermitage – namely this building gave the name “Hermitage” for whole museum complex.
  • Old Hermitage – here, among other masterpieces, are unique in the Russian paintings by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Hermitage Theatre – private theater of Catherine the Great.

Palaces of the Grand Dukes – the residences of uncrowned Romanovs.

Troitsky Bridge – the only bridge of St. Petersburg, under which the airplane flew.

Chapel – the building indicating the location of Trinity Church exploded in Stalin’s time.

Mosque – the main mosque of the city, which has already more than a hundred years.


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