Peter and Paul Fortress Walls

Стены Петропавловской крепости

Place: Peter and Paul Fortress On the map

Construction time: 1703, reconstructions during the XVIII – XX cent.

Architects: J.Lambert, I.Kirchenstein, B.-H.Minih and others.

Why it is so called: The Cathedral, dedicated to the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, is situated in the centre of the fortress.

Каземат Петропавловской крепости, музей "Печатня"Notable features: The width of the walls is about 20 m. The casemates were installed inside of the walls. Usually the casemates are associated with the prison, but in these rooms were used mostly as the barracks for garrison. The places called “magazins”, that means warehouses of ammunition and food.

Legend: One half of the fortress walls faced with granite, but another half left without facing. Argue that Catherine the Great once went to the balcony of the Winter Palace, and paid attention to the fact that the red wall, opening onto the embankment, looked very ugly. The empress gave the instructions and the funds for covering the walls of fortress with granite. However, as it often happened in Russia, half of this money had disappeared. That is why granite was only on one part of the walls, which is opening to the Winter Palace.

About Museum: On the territory of the fortress you can find about two dozens expositions and exhibitions. Some of them are located in the casemates. If you visit the exhibition “Printing premises”, you can observe the casemates free of charge. Working hours: 10.00am-6pm, Wen-day off.

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