Palaces of the Grand Dukes

Дворец Великого князя Владимира Александровича

Ново-Михайловский дворец, арх. А.И. Штакеншнейдер (1857-1862)Place: Palace Embankment On the map

Construction time: XVIII-XIX cent.

Architects: Alexander Rezanov, Andrei Stackensneider, Antonio Rinaldi and others.

Style: Classicism, eclectic

Name: Palaces belonged to the Grand Dukes of the Romanov’s family, the dukes were relatives Мраморный дворец, арх. А. Ринальди (1768-1785)(brothers, uncles, younger children, nephews…) of the reigning monarch.

Interesting fact: The emperor Paul had 10 children, Nicolas had 7, Alexander II – 8. So there is nothing unusual that the palaces for the Grand Dukes were so numerous.

Contemporary purpose: The various scientific research institutes and government agencies are situated there. The Marble Palace is a branch of the Russian Museum.

Младенец с розовой ленточкойLegend: They say that the tradition of decorating the envelope of the newborn with a blue or red ribbon appeared in the imperial St. Petersburg. In the old times this tradition concerned only the Grand Duke children. The boys received the Order of St. Andrew, the girls – the Order of St. Catherine. The ribbons of these orders were accordingly of blue and red color. After the revolution it was decided to democratize the tradition – that’s how all the new-borns received blue or red ribbons.


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