The Peter and Paul Fortress A (Cathedral Square)

Петропавловская крепость с высоты птичьего полётаName Origin: the main building of the fortress is the Cathedral, dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul.

Interesting facts: The city took its name from the name originally given to this fortress. In translation, the name means “Fortress of St. Peter.” Celebrating the date of the foundation of Saint Petersburg, May 27, citizens actually are celebrating the day of foundation of the Peter and Paul Fortress in 1703.

Major Attractions:

Peter and Paul Cathedral – Russian emperors from Peter the Great to Nicholas II are buried here.

Boathouse – the building constructed for the favorite boat of Peter the Great – “The Grandfather of the Russian fleet.”

Сommandant’s House – the building where commandants of the fortress were living and where their offices were located

Saint Petersburg Mint – since the times of Peter the Great to the present day coins are minted in this place; however, the banknotes are printed in the other place.

Prison of Peter and Paul Fortress – The Peter and Paul Fortress never shot at the enemy; it was used as a political prison.

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