Griboedov Canal

Канал Грибоедова

Place: Originates in the Moika River and flows into the Fontanka River.  

А.С. Грибоедов

Name: The canal was arranged, deepened and made navigable by the order of Catherine the Great, and thus named The Catherine’s Canal. But in the Soviet time this naming reminded of the emperors, so the canal was renamed in the honor of the author of the comedy “Woe from Wit” Alexander Griboedov, who really rented an apartment for a while in one of the houses on this canal.

Interesting facts: a considerable part of Feodor Dostoevsky’s heroes lived along the banks of the Griboedov Canal. For example, Sonia Marmeladova and the old moneylender. Raskolnikov himself lived near the Canal, which the author of “Crime and Punishment” grimly calls “the ditch.”

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