Saint Isaac Cathedral

Исаакиевский собор

Place: Senate Square, St Isaac’s Square 

Construction time: 1818-1858

Architect: Auguste de Montferrand

Style: Empire

Святой Исаакий ДалматскийName Origin: The church is dedicated to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia, Byzantine saint. Peter the Great was born in the day of this saint (30 May, 1672), that is why St. Isaac has always been considered one of the patrons of Saint-Petersburg.

Remarkable features:

  • The height of the cathedral is more than 100 m that makes it the fourth largest domed cathedral in the world.
  • The weight of each of the columns, supporting the portico entrance, is 114 tons. They were carved from a single piece of granite and were installed before the construction of bearing walls – otherwise they would not have been raised because of their great weight.
  • Интерьер Исаакиевского собораThe dome was gilded with using of mercury, which caused the death of fifty workers. However, the quality of the gilding was so high that over the past 150 years there was no need for any restoration of the dome. At the time of siege of Leningrad, the dome was covered with protective green paint.

Огюст Монферран

Interesting facts: For 50 years, after its construction and until the Revolution, St. Isaac’s Cathedral was the Cathedral of St. Petersburg and the main church of the Russian Empire.

Mystery: When the architect of the cathedral Au. Montferrand was a young man, a gypsy woman allegedly predicted him: “You’ll die as soon as the main business of your life will be over”. That is why Au. Montferrand prolonged the construction, which took as many as four decades. Indeed, the architect died one month after the end of the consecration.

Вид с колоннады Исаакиевского собораAbout Museum: The cathedral functions as a museum. Working hours: 10:30am-06:00 pm (summertime: 11:00am-10:30pm). Day off: Wed. Tickets: adults – 250 rubles, students with ISIC – 150 rubles. Guided tour included in the ticket price. To get on the colonnade of the cathedral, located at a height of 43 meters, the individual ticket is required, the price – 150 rubles. Attention, please, double price from 18:00, no discounts!

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