Mariinsky Palace

Мариинский дворец

Великая княгиня Мария НиколаевнаPlace: St Isaac’s Square On the map

Construction time: 1839-1844

Architect: Andrei Stackensneider

Style: Neoclassicism

Name: Building was constructed for the great princess Maria Nikolaevna, the eldest daughter of Emperor Nicholas I, on the occasion of her marriage to Duke Maximilian of Leuchtenberg. Despite the sonorous name, ducal possessions were very small, and the couple was living in St. Petersburg.

What it is in our days: Here is the city’s parliament, the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.

Флаг Санкт-ПетербургаNotable features: On the facade of the building you can see the emblem of Saint-Petersburg. Two crossed anchors, sea and river, represent the power of the city over the seas and rivers; scepter – capital functions of the city.


  • Assert that Maria Nikolaevna took a dislike the palace after installation before it the monument to Nicholas I. «I do not want to go out every morning on the balcony and to see the ass of this horse, on which my deceased father was riding,” – she said.
  • Матильда Кшесинская, открытка (нач. XX в.)A similar story is told about Mathilde Kschessinskaya famous ballerina beginning of the XX century, and girlfriend of three Romanovs. They say that despite the tempting offer to move into this palace, she refused and noted about this: two emperors had already turned away from the building, how would did not turn away and third. Ballerina meant monuments to Peter the Great, Nicholas I, as well as his former lover – Emperor Nicholas II.


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