Hotel Astoria

Гостиница «Астория»

Place: St Isaac’s Square  On the map

Construction time: 1911-1912

Architect: Fyodor Lidval

Style: Art Nouveau

Name: Named after a network of luxurious hotels in the U.S. owned by the millionaires brothers Astors.

Певица Мадонна (Мадонна Луиза 'Вероника' Чикконе, р. 1958)Interesting facts: The hotel is considered to be the most prestigious historic hotel in Saint- Petersburg. Herbert Wells, Alain Delon, Maya Plisetskaya, George H.W. Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Garry Kasparov used to stay there. A world famous singer Madonna declared staying in the Astoria Hotel as the main condition of her visit!

Legends: They say Adolf Hitler planned to hold a victory banquet in the hotel. The Nazi even printed banquet tickets for the victory celebration. But the city withstood a 900-day siege, the enemy never stepped onto this land, so the tickets remained unused.

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