Blue Bridge

Синий мост

Футшток у Синего моста

Place: St Isaac’s Square On the map

Construction time: 1842-1844

Architects: E. Adam, A. Gotman, I. Zavadovsky

Name: metallic part of the bridge painted blue.

Notable features:

  • It is the widest bridge of more than 300 bridges of St. Petersburg. Its width is 97.3 m, i.e. nearly the same as the height of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.
  • Near the bridge is a granite pillar – dipstick decorated with trident of Neptune. There are markings on the dipstick from the water levels of the largest floods: 1824, 1903, 1924, 1955 and 1967.

Interesting facts: In the epoch of Catherine the Great here on the “slave market,” there were being bought and sold the serfs. Bridge deck was made of wood, but the parts already painted blue.

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