Blue Bridge

Синий мост

Футшток у Синего моста

Place: St Isaac’s Square On the map

Construction time: 1842-1844

Architects: E. Adam, A. Gotman, I. Zavadovsky

Name Origin: metallic part of the bridge painted blue.

Remarkable features:

  • It is the widest bridge of St. Petersburg. Its width is 97.3 m, i.e. nearly the same as the height of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.
  • Near the bridge there is a granite pillar – dipstick decorated with trident of Neptune. There are high-water marks on the dipstick from the water levels of the largest floods: 1824, 1903, 1924, 1955 and 1967.

Interesting facts: In the epoch of Catherine the Great here was situated the “slave market”. The bridge deck was made of wood, but the parts were already painted blue.

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