Angleterre Hotel

Гостиница «Англетер»

Place: St Isaac’s Square 

Construction time: The beginning of the XIX century, dismantled and rebuilt again with preservation of external appearance in 1987-1991.

Architect: Unknown

Style: Eclectic

Name: In imperial St. Petersburg were usually called the hotels by the names of foreign countries and cities. “Angleterre” means “England” in French.

Interesting facts:

Here ended his days Sergei Yesenin. According to the official version, it was a suicide, according to unofficial – chekists helped him hang himself. It is in the room of this hotel by blood were written this poem:

Сергей ЕсенинGoodbye, my friend, goodbye.

My dear, you are in my heart.

Predestined separation

Promises a future meeting.

Goodbye, my friend, without handshake and words,

Do not grieve and sadden your brow,-

In this life there’s nothing new in dying,

But nor, of course, is living any newer.


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