Square of Arts

Name Origin: all the buildings located here are somehow connected with arts and culture.

Main attractions:
Russian Museum  —  wondering why where the Hermitage has almost no Russian art? Because all Russian art is here! At the end of XIX century the collections of Russian art from the Hermitage, the Academy of Arts and palaces were transferred to the Russian Museum. That is how the Russian Museum of the Emperor Alexander III was founded.
Mikhailovsky Theatre  — Opera and Ballet Theater, now closely associated with fruits. The theater was built by order of the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, the fourth son of Paul I, the brother of Emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I.
Monument to Alexander Pushkin  — the most spectacular monument to the great Russian poet.
Grand Hotel Europe  — the most luxurious hotel in St. Petersburg. According to legend, the script for the cult film «Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia” is based on the story which happened at the Grand Hotel “Europe”.
Grand Philharmonic Hall  — the best place for the classical music lovers.



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