The Neva River


Time of appearance: About 3.5 thousand years ago.

Why it is so called: There are many versions, but none of them is supported by sufficient evidence.

Современное наводнение в ПетербургеFloods: For more than 300 years of history in the city of St. Petersburg were more than 300 floods. For today flood is the question of the technical fixation. If they want to declare about flood they don’t wait a moment when the water run over the embankments. For declaration today is enough if water rise higher than 1.6 m above the normal level. Reducing the destructive power of floods connected with the construction of a dam across the Gulf of Finland and Kronstadt. In the Imperial epoch floods were a very real threat. During the highest flood in the history of the city, happened in 1824, the river rose more than 4 m, and took with them hundreds of lives.

Главный пляж Петербурга у стен Петропавловской крепостиInteresting facts: In Neva swimming is strictly forbidden because of pollution of the river, very fast flowing and lots of whirlpools. However, the main beach of St. Petersburg is located right beneath the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Wall heated by the sun very quickly, so sunbathers can be seen even in winter. During the winter period Neva freezes, so moving to the other side on the ice is forbidden also because of the fragility of ice. Sometimes you can see a small icebreaker, breaking the ice in the middle of the river, to prevent the possibility of switching from one bank to another. However, citizens are not only used the river as a natural crossing, but even rolling on the frozen river on skis.

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