Small Hermitage

Малый Эрмитаж

Place: Palace Embankment On the map

Construction time: 1764-1775

Architects: Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe, Georg Friedrich Veldten

Style: Classicism

Name: The word “Hermitage” is translated from French as “the place of solitude”. In the XVIII century such name was given to the special types of the buildings. On the first floor of such pavilions the lifting tables were situated. The guests gathered on the first floor and the servants were prohibited to enter there to avoid rumors and uneasiness. The guests used to put on their plates the notes with the order. After that the table moved down and the servants prepared a peculiar dinner for each guest.  Then the table moved the prepared food up.

In the time of Catherine the Great lifting table was constructed on the exact place, where the Peacock Clock are situated now. Though the table didn’t preserve till nowadays, the name “Hermitage” is used by the citizen not only for this building, but for all the Museum Complex. As for the epithet “Small”, it is explained by the small size of the building compared to the other structures of the State Hermitage.


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