Old Hermitage

Старый Эрмитаж

Place: Palace Embankment On the map

Construction time: 1771-1787

Architect: Georg Friedrich Veldten

Style: Classicism

Портрет Екатерины II, худ.Ф. Рокотов (1763)Name: Catherine the Great decided to place some samples of her art collection in the Small Hermitage. Later the word “hermitage” began to associate with painting as a whole. That is why a new building, constructed for the picture gallery, received this name. It was called the Old Hermitage after the construction of the New Hermitage (1852). The New Hermitage, the fifth building of the Hermitage Complex, can be observed only from Millionnaya Street.

Interesting fact:  Here you can find the only two works by Leonardo da Vinci in Russia.

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