Senate Square

Восстание декабристов, карта-схема

Value: here the first attempt to commit the Russian revolution failed in December 14, 1825.

Name: here is the Senate and Synod building.

Wrong belief: At first sight, the Decembrist revolt looked pretty strange. One frosty morning soldiers, officers and civilian rebels came to the Senate Square and stood there for several hours, until they were shot at point-blank by artillery of Emperor Nicholas I. Since such actions (or rather idleness) of Decembrists seem surprising, in the popular historical literature sometimes one can read that the revolt was a political demonstration and the heroes were on their way because they just wanted to die for the idea. In fact, it was well-planned, but badly implemented military coup. The purpose of this coup was to establish a constitutional monarchy or republic form of government in Russia. However, the inaction of the rebels during the revolt was a result of leaders’ betrayal. The Leaders did not come to the Square and that is why the soldiers and officers simply did not know what they had to do.

Major Attractions:

Bronze Horseman – the most famous monument of St. Petersburg.

Senate and Synod building – it makes Petersburg second capital of Russia.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral – the largest cathedral in St. Petersburg, it was being constructed during 40 years.

Admiralty – the Navy Staff of Russia.


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