Senate and Synod Building

Здание Сената и Синода

Place: Senate Square On the map

Construction time: 1829-1834

Architect: Carlo Rossi

Style: Empire

Name: Building was constructed for the highest state institutions of the Russian Empire, the Governing Senate and the supreme management body of the Orthodox Church – Holy Synod.

Заседание Конституционного суда РФInteresting facts: Today in the left wing of this building is situated the Russian Constitutional Court and this fact since 2008 makes Petersburg second official capital of Russia. In the right wing is located Memorial Library in memory of Boris Yeltsin.

Citation: “The Senate and Synod live under the arches” (there take place a wordplay: “under” (pod) and “the arches” (arkami) in Russian sounded as the “with gifts”, podarkami) (Petersburg proverb of imperial epoch is an allusion to the bribery of senators and a huge arch of the building).


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