Place: Alexander Garden On the map

Construction time: 1806-1823

Architect: Andreyan Zakharov

Style: Classicism

Purpose: Originally it housed the Naval Ministry of the Russian Empire and the main shipyard of the country. Although for the last century and a half ships are not built here anymore, since 2012 Naval Staff is again here. You can find St. Andrew  banner that is similar to the flag of Scotland over the building. St. Andrew flag is official symbol of Russian navy.

Notable features: On the spire of the building is set ship weathervane, which is a symbol of the city. It is believed that it represents the first Russian frigate “Eagle”, built in the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich, father of Peter the Great.Кораблик на шпиле Адмиралтейства.

Legend: Under the ship weathervane we can see the golden ball. Argue that it brim full of gold coins from different epoch.

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