Saint Petersburg State University

Санкт-Петербургский Государственный университет

Place: Universitetskaya Embankment On the map

Дворец Петра II, арх. Д.А. Трезини и И.Г. Борхардт (1727-1761)Construction time: founded in 1724, reconstructed in 1819

Architects: Domenico Trezzini, I.Borchardt, I. Schumacher

Style: Baroque

Notable features: Three buildings of the State University are located on the embankment.  The main red-coloured building was originally built for the 12 ministries of the Russian Empire. In Манеж Первого Кадетского корпуса, арх. И. Шумахер (1756-1759)the XVIII century ministries were called colleges, so construction has been called “the Twelve Colleges building.” Gray building was planned as a residence of Peter II (grandson of Peter the Great), he died before the completion of the construction; nowadays the Department of Philology and Oriental Study is situated here. Yellow building was built as an arena for First Cadet Corps, where cadets trained to marsh; now a variety of concerts and festivals is hold there.

Interesting facts:  Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev Студенческое фото В.В. Путина (ок. 1975 г.)and even Vladimir Lenin graduated from the Law Department of the State University. Vladimir Lenin passed the exam for a university course externally.

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