Monument to Peter the Great


Памятник Петру Великому

Place: Peter and Paul Fortress On the map

Construction time: 1980-1991

Скульптор Михаил ШемякинSculptor: Mihail Chemiakin

Notable features: The monument makes a very repulsive impression. However, sculptor was guided by only historically quite authentic image of Peter the Great. This was a wax figure of emperor, made according to the European tradition of the Baroque period immediately after the death of the emperor. Chemiakin exactly recreated gigantic growth of Peter – 2 m to 4 cm, the facial features of the sovereign, his clothes. "Восковая персона", ск. К. Растрелли (1725 г.)However Chemiakin strongly reduced the head of the emperor, left him bald (although it is known that the emperor was not bald) and increased the length of the fingers. Considered that so Chemiakin emphasized contradictory nature of Peter. On the one hand, he was a great ruler, on the other – the great executioner, put a few thousand lives in the foundation of St. Petersburg.

Legend: Many visitors sit on the knees of Peter the Great. Some people believe, that there are only unmarried girls who can do this, because the monument helps them to find the groom.


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