Guard House (Hauptwache)


Place: Peter and Paul Fortress On the map

Construction time: 1748-1749, 1906-1907

Architect: V.F. Asmus

Style: Classicism

Name: The German word “Hauptwache” means “chief guard”. This was a military prison where were the arrested officers and soldiers of the fortress garrison.

Our days: In the building of Guard House in our days is located administration of St. Petersburg Museum of History. Funnymen notice that the director and his subordinates are in the position of constantly punished soldiers.

Interesting fact: The Square in front of guardhouse called “The Square of dance.” Here in the XVIII century was “roost” – hammered around the pole with sharp needles. The soldiers who had done something bad, were tied to this pole and the pain from the needles forced them to move their feet, that it seemed they are dancing.


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