Engineers’ House

Инженерный дом

Place: Peter and Paul Fortress 

Construction time: 1748-1749

Architect: N.I. Muravyov (?)

Style: Petrine Baroque

Name Origin: The fortress engineers lived and worked here. Their function was to maintain and to improve the fortifications. Here was located the drawing workshop and various archives.
Образцовые дома Д. Трезини

Interesting fact: This building is a rare example of preserved typical house of the first half of XVIII century. Peter the Great ordered to build residential and institutional buildings according to the certain models. Therefore, if you “clone” the Engineer’s House in your mind, you can imagine how the Petrine St. Petersburg looked like. In our days, there is hardly anything left from that Petersburg.

Museum: it houses various temporary exhibitions, usually of little interest to a regular tourist.


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