Armory (Zeughaus)


Place: Peter and Paul Fortress On the map

Construction time: 1801-1802

Architect: Alexander Briskorn

Style: Classicism

Карта-схема "Снятие блокады Ленинграда"Name: From the German “Zeughaus” means “Arsenal” or “Armory”. German military terminology was very popular in Russia in the time of Peter the Great, because he preferred to the language and authority of Prussia in the military sphere.

Interesting fact: During the siege of Leningrad in this building were being repaired the trucks for the Road of Life – the only way in which it was possible to remove the dying and deliver food in the city.

Legend: At the initial stage of the Great Patriotic War, the Germans had no good maps of Leningrad. Sometimes for the bombing they used the usual tourist maps. Argue that for this reason the Germans tried to purposefully destroy the arsenal of the fortress. The term is already in the XIX century did not match the content. In the building is mainly carried exercises of the garrison on rainy days, no weapons were no longer there.

Museum: In the Armory there is an exhibition of wax figures. This exhibition is no better and no worse than another numerous wax exhibitions throughout the city.


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