Peter and Paul Cathedral

Петропавловский собор

Place: Peter and Paul Fortress On the map

Construction time: 1712-1733

Architect: Domenico Trezzini

Style: Petrine Baroque

Notable features: Cathedral in height 122.5 m is the highest building in the city, except the television tower. Russian emperors are buried there from Peter the Great to Nicholas II.

Name: Cathedral dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul.

Legend: When in the time of emperor Nicolas I the angel on the spire of the cathedral was bent by a strong gust of wind, the emperor decided to announce a competition throughout Russia in search of the master, who would be being capable to repair the angel without expensive wood construction. And such a master was found – it was Peter Telushkin, a man from Yaroslavl. Using just one rope, he climbed up the top of the spire and fixed the angel. As a reward serf Telushkin asked freedom and the right to free vodka in all kabaks of Russia. Emperor granted the request by giving master medal with the national eagle. But soon Telushkin lost the medal. He came to the emperor again, and the emperor scolded him, and after that ordered to burn the eagle on his neck. Now going into any kabak, master Могила Петра Великого, Петропавловский соборjust snap on the eagle on his neck – and take the vodka for free. Some people believe, that from this well-known in the Russian culture gesture began to use.

About Museum: Cathedral functions as a museum: for visiting it you must purchase tickets in the Little Boat House. Inside the cathedral, you will see white coffins with the names of the emperors and the Grand Dukes of Romanov dynasty, who are buried here. Working hours: 11am-6pm. Day off: Wed. In summer Museum works all week. Tickets: adult – 450 rubles, students – 200 rubles.

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