Commandant’s House

Комендантский дом

Place: Peter and Paul Fortress

Construction time: 1743-1750, reconstructions – until 1893

Architect:  H. Demarin etc.

Style: Baroque

Name Origin: The commandants of Peter and Paul Fortress lived and worked here. The post was honorable and very responsible. Ultimately, the commandant was responsible for all political prisoners.

Самодвижущаяся повозка (нач. XX в.)Museum: There is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of St. Petersburg. In our opinion, this is one of the most interesting museums in the city and it is suitable for the family visit. The exposition was created professionally, and you can visit it independently. The walking through the museum will take you at least one hour. Important advice: do not stay for a long time in the first halls, because the further exposition is more interesting. Working hours: 11am-6pm. (Tue: 11am-5pm). Day off: Wed. Tickets: adults – 200 rubles, students – 120 rubles.



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