Boat House

Ботный дом

Place: Peter and Paul Fortress 

Construction time: 1762-1765

Architect: Alexander Whist

Style: Early Classicism

Копия ботика Петра IName Origin: The building was constructed for the small boat of Peter the Great – a small boat on which the emperor in his youth went on river Yauze. Peter the Great declared that his little boat is the “Grandfather of the Russian fleet.” He moved the boat in St. Petersburg and he was standing there and was looking on the marching soldiers. Today, the little boat is placed in the Central Naval Museum, but in the Little Boat House, you can see its exact copy.

Legend: They say that the architect Whist received no penny for his work. He built the Small house, but he forgot bring in the boat. As a result, he had to disassemble the wall especially for this, so Catherine the Great was extremely dissatisfied.

Museum: The entrance is free. Here, you can also buy the tickets for the other expositions.



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