Storming of the Winter Palace

It is well known that the storming of the Winter Palace was the culmination point of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Most of our representations about the Storming are based on this scene, which looks for us like documentary nowadays. Not surprisingly, you can see it in each telecast or documentary film about the Russian Revolution.


"Октябрь", фрагмент, реж. С. Эйзенштейн (1927)

However, this scene from the film “October” is nothing more than Sergei Eisenstein’s creative fantasy. In fact, on October 25, after the signal from the cruiser “Aurora” at 09:40 p.m., the revolutionaries broke into the Palace Square, but were met by shots of the Women’s Battalion of Death (units formed by the Provisional Government to raise the patriotic spirit in the army and to shame the male soldiers, who refuse to fight). Revolutionaries retreated under the arch of the General Staff and began the negotiations. As a result, women and cadets (cadets of military schools) abandoned their positions. Revolutionary soldiers and sailors freely entered the Winter Palace through the open doors, but the famous gates remained locked. The Provisional Government was arrested only at 2:40 a.m. on October 26, 1917.

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