Alexander Column

Александровская колонна

Place: Palace Square 

Construction time: 1830-1834

Architect: Auguste de Montferrand

Style: Empire

Ангел на Александровской колоннеRemarkable features:  The Column height is 25.6 meters and the weight is about 600 tonnes. It was carved from a single piece of granite and installed in just 1 hour 45 minutes. At the top of it is an angel with the face of Emperor Alexander I, who was ruling during the war against Napoleon. That is why the column has a name “Alexander”.

Symbolic meaning: The monument is dedicated to the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812.

Interesting facts: After installation of the column Countess Tolstaya forbade a coachman to drive on Palace Square. Countess feared that column, standing without any support, can fall down and crush her. In Soviet times, the story was told to emphasize the ignorance of the Russian aristocracy. However, the architect of the monument, Auguste de Montferrand was a really bad engineer. Under the columns of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, his main creation, during the past century and a half after the construction the special wedges was being hammered  already several times. Alexander Column fortunately has not yet to be aligning in a similar way. However Countess Tolstaya was quite right to be worried.

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