Nevsky Avenue

Value: the main street of Saint-Petersburg

Портрет Петра I, худ. Ж.М. Натье (1717)Name Origin: the avenue runs from the Admiralty building and ends near the Saint Alexander Nevsky Lavra, where the relics of St. Alexander Nevsky are located. Alexander Nevsky defeated the Swedes on the banks of the Neva River in 1240. Originally Prospect was called “The road to the Nevsky monastery”, but later this name was shortened.

Quote: “There is nothing better than the Nevsky Prospekt, at least not in St. Petersburg; for this city it represents everything…” (N.Gogol).

LegendNevsky Avenue isn’t straight: it has a kink roughly half way along, in the Vosstaniya Square. The road was built from two ends: the Russian monks were working from the side of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, and the Swedish prisoners of war were advancing towards them from the opposite side. When they met, it turned out that there was a mistake in the calculations, so a slight bend turned out. Peter the Great immediately ordered to punish the monks, as he was sure that the captured Swedes were Europeans, so they could not allow such a gross blunder.

Major Attractions:

Kazan Cathedral – the main Russian Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg.

The Book House – “If you don’t visit the House of Books, you’re just smoking the sky” (St. Petersburg’s proverb).

Church of the Savior on Blood – the most cheerful church in the city that is built on the place of a murder.


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