Kazan Cathedral

Казанский собор
Place: Nevsky Prospekt On the map

Construction time: 1801-1811

Architect: Andrey Voronikhin

Style: Empire, Late Classicism

Собор Святого Петра (Ватикан, Рим)Notable features: The building was designed to become an Orthodox analogue of the main Catholic church, St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican, and colonnade – analogue of celebrated Bernini’s Colonnade. The emperor Paul I decided to oppose Petersburg to Vatican because the Pope didn’t agree to recognize him as a Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller. The Pope referred to the fact that the Order is not only knight, but also the monastic, and Paul I was married twice and had ten children.


Могила М.И. КутузоваИкона Казанской Божьей Матери

What is inside:

  • Miraculous Icon Our Lady of Kazan (the most revered copy from the icon lost in our days; this original icon was newfound in Kazan in 1579, and with it Minin and Pozharsky liberated Moscow from the Poles).
  • Grave of Mikhail Kutuzov.


Interesting facts: Construction of the cathedral was completed in 1811. The next year the war broke out against Napoleon. When Napoleon was defeated the captured enemy banners were put in the newly built cathedral and the famous Russian Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov, the man who beat Napoleon, was buried inside the church. After the war also the monuments to Russian Field Marshal and heroes of 1812

Памятник М.И. Кутузову, ск. М.И. Козловский (1837)


“Barclay de Tolly and Kutuzov

In winter were freezing the French.

And for this the Russian people their glorified

Without hats in cold their set”

(Verses walked the city after the installation of monuments)


"Всевидящее око" на долларовой купюре и на фронтоне Казанского собораMystery: On the main facade of the cathedral is depicted “All Seeing Eye”, which can also be seen on dollar bills. Researchers confirm that this sign is used by the Masons as a symbol of the Creator God. On the other hand, the sign in this meaning appeared in Renaissance, two centuries before formation of the first Masonic organizations. Interestingly, that Mikhail Golenishtchev-Kutuzov held a high position among the domestic Masons.

How to come inside: Cathedral open to the public. In the cathedral it is forbidden to take photos, men should remove headdress, ladies – put it on. If necessary, scarf can be bought directly in the cathedral.

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