Book House

Дом Книги

Place: Nevsky Prospekt On the map

Construction time: 1902-1904

Architect: Pavel Suzor

Style: Art Nouveau

Швейная машинка "Зингер"Notable features: The first time in Russia in the construction of the building was used a metal frame, elevators, automatic cleaning of the roof from snow and other innovations.

Value: The main city bookstore, a brilliant example of architecture of “Art Nouveau” style.

Original function: The building was constructed for producing company of sewing machines “Singer”.

Приёмная стойка офиса "В контакте"Interesting fact: In the upper floor of the building is the headquarters of the largest Russian-language social network “VKontakte”.

Legends: There was forbidden in imperial St. Petersburg to build higher than the Winter Palace was built. Exceptions were the domes of churches and spires of old buildings. However the glass dome of the “Book House” definitely higher than the imperial residence. They say that the question was decided by huge bribe, which governor took and because of which he lost his post.

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