Menshikov Palace

Меншиковский дворец

Place: Universitetskaya Embankment 

Construction time: 1710-1720

Architects: Giovanni Maria Fontana, Gottfried Johann Schädel

Style: Petrine Baroque

Remarkable features: The palace was the largest building in the Petrine Petersburg. All the main events of the Peter’s reign took place in this palace. Meetings with foreign ambassadors were also organised here.

Портрет А.Д. Меншикова, худ. неизвестен (1716-1720)Name Origin: The Palace belonged to Alexander Menshikov, close friend of Peter the Great, the first governor of the city and probably the most famous bribe taker in the Russian history. Palace of Peter the Great was smaller than the governor’s house. Nowadays the building houses a museum where you can find the restored interiors of the Petrine era.

Legend: Menshikov tried to dissuade Peter from building a new capital on the Neva swamp. To convince the emperor he showed him a high birch and said that during the last flood, water reached its top. Peter laughed and said: “Your palace, Aleksashka, will stand on the exact place of the birch!” It is believed that the Menshikov Palace really was constructed on the place specified by the emperor.

Интерьер Меншиковского дворцаAbout the Museum: The museum is clearly undervalued. It is little known and seldom visited, although the exposition was created at a very high level. If you have already visited the Hermitage, the Yusupov Palace on the Moika, Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof – it is time to visit the Menshikov Palace.

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