Mikhailovsky Theatre

Михайловский театр

Place: Square of Arts 

Construction time: 1831-1833

Architect: Alexander Brullov

Великий князь Михаил ПавловичStyle: Classicism

Name Origin: The theater building was constructed by the order of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, the fourth son of Paul I, brother of emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I.

Interesting facts: In Soviet times, the theater was called “Small Opera and Ballet Theatre” (small in comparison with the Kirov Theatre, which is now the Mariinsky Theatre). Vladimir Kehman was in the head of the theater 2007-2015, he is also one of the directors of the fruit import company JFC. He donated 500 million rubles for the restoration of the theater.

Зал Михайловского театраAbout theatre: Although traditionally Mikhailovsky Theatre is only the second important theatre in the city, sometimes its performances are in no way inferior to the famous Mariinsky Theatre. An important advantage of the Mikhailovsky Theatre is that unlike the Mariinsky Theater, it is easy to reach. The same thing we can say about the dramatic theatre of Komissargevskaya, which is located nearby. During the restoration of the Bolshoi Drama Theater, it is certainly the main dramatic arena of the city.

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