Grand Hotel Europe

Гранд Отель Европа

Place: Square of Arts On the map

Construction time: 1873-1875

Architect: Fyodor Lidval

Style: Eclectic

Value: The most luxuriuos hotel in St.Petersburg.

Номер Гранд Отеля ЕвропаLegend: Some old lady-emigrant before dying reported to her heir that she had hidden a big treasure before fleeing from the Revolution abroad. It was hidden not beneath a lion, of course, but under the floor of one of the hotel “Europe” rooms. Heir managed to get into the USSR and settled in the same room on the second floor of the hotel. At night he started to rattle parquet and made available empty space. After removing the cover, he saw a metal box for reliability screwed to the joists by the huge nut. Cursing forward looking grandmother, the guest all night unraveled the nut. When it finally succeeded, he heard a terrible noise. After during the interrogation by the KGB heir learned that nut fixed the chandelier main hall on the first floor, and treasure box was just a special disk for the chandelier fixing.


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