Grand Hotel Europe

Гранд Отель Европа

Place: Square of Arts 

Construction time: 1873-1875

Architect: Fyodor Lidval

Style: Eclectic

Value: The most luxuriuos hotel in St.Petersburg.

Номер Гранд Отеля ЕвропаLegend: According to a legend, the script for the cult film «Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia» is based on the story that happened at the Grand Hotel “Europe”. Before the death, an old emigrant woman told her heir that she had hidden a big treasure before fleeing abroad at the Revolution times. Of course, it was not hidden beneath a lion, but under the floor of one of the hotel “Europe” rooms. The heir managed to get to the USSR and stayed in the very room on the second floor. At night he began tapping the parquet and searching if there was an empty space. Having removed the flooring, he saw a metal box bolted to the ceilings with a huge nut. Cursing the prudent grandmother, the guest was unscrewing the nut all night. When he had finally succeeded, he heard a terrible noise. During the interrogation by the KGB, the heir found out that the nut was fixing the main hall chandelier on the first floor, and the treasure box was just a special disk to fix the chandelier.


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