Trinity Bridge

Троицкий мост

Place: connects Admiralty Island and Petrogradskiy Island On the map

Construction time: 1897-1903

Designer: “Batignolles” company

Name: The bridge called by Trinity Square, and the area – at Trinity Church, which was located here.

Interesting facts: Argue that the famous aviator Chkalov flew under the bridge span to conquer the girl’s heart. In reality, under the Troitsky Bridge flew a stuntman during the shooting official cinema biography of the great pilot. Chkalov himself did not do it, but the episode in the movie was needed to explain why the pilot got arrested on the eve of his own wedding. In reality, Chkalov was there for drunkenness and fighting.

Мост Александра III в Париже

Legend: Argue that the Troitsky Bridge was the largest gift in the history of St. Petersburg, made concerning the conclusion a military alliance between Russia and France. Some people believe that the bridge was built on the French money, while on the Russian money was constructed in Paris Pont of Alexandre III, the most beautiful bridge over the Seine. In fact, Troitsky Bridge was built on the Russian money. Nevertheless St. Petersburg and Paris bridge, created simultaneously, certainly were a symbol of the military alliance, which led to the appearance of the legend. Interestingly, the G. Eiffel, the author of the famous Eiffel Tower, took part in the building of the Trinity Bridge competition, but lost the second round to the company “Batignolles”.

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