Summer Garden

Летний сад


Place: Summer Garden Island On the map

Construction time: Since 1704

Value: The first park in the St. Petersburg

Летний сад, А.Зубов (гравюра, 1716 г.)Name: Here is the Summer Palace of Peter the Great.

Interesting facts: In the Summer Garden were celebrated the Assemblies, major festivals in era of Peter the Great. According to direction of emperor all representatives of city’s elite had to be on these assemblies. Nobody can go out the Summer Garden during the festival. Along the alleys soldiers carried the huge vats of vodka and forced to drink for the health of the emperor. If Peter noticed that someone was trying to evade fun he forced the offending man in one gulp to drink goblet the Big Eagle, about 1.5 liters of vodka. Not all survived after such “punishment”, syncope were commonplace, but the king also rejoiced heartily. Later Summer Garden acquired a much more romantic look, now here aristocracy walked sedately, voluntarily and with pleasure.

Фрагмент портрета А.С. Пушкина, худ. В.А. Тропинин (1827 г.)Citation: “Summer Garden is my vegetable garden. Wake up from dream, I go there in a bathrobe and slippers. After dinner, I sleep there, read and write” (Alexander Pushkin).

Legend: Argue that it is here the first time in the history of Russia, Peter the Great planted tomatoes and potatoes.


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