Monument to Fieldmarshal Suvorov

Памятник А.В. Суворову

А.В. СуворовPlace: Field of Mars On the map

Creation time: 1799-1801

Sculptor: Mikhail Kozlovsky

Notable features: Suvorov represented as the god of war Mars. Indeed, Alexander Suvorov was a real Mars of Russian history. He took part in 66 battles and gained victories in all.

Legend: During the siege of Leningrad the people wonted to hide the monument in the basement of a nearby house. However at night Suvorov himself in a dream came to the man who was responsible for the transferring of the monument: generalissimo shook his finger and recalled that he never been coward during his life and has never been after death. The works for transferring the monument were stopped. A few days later a German bomb, flying past the monument, landed in the same basement where the people were going to hide the statue. Thus monument to Alexander Suvorov, together with monument to Mikhail Kutuzov and Barclay de Tolly at the Kazan Cathedral, during the all time of the War stood in the same place. People said that while the generals are in their places, the enemy will never take this city.

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