Michael Castle

Михайловский замок

Place: Field of MarsOn the map

Construction time: 1797-1801

Architect: Vincenzo Brenna, Vasily Bazhenov

Style: Early Classicism

Value: It is the most mysterious place in the city.

Портрет Павла I, худ. В.Л. Боровиковский (1800)Name: Soldier reported to emperor Paul I about the vision, which occurred at the future site of the castle. Archangel Michael appeared to him and ordered to build a church here. Paul I, being mystically minded man, immediately ordered to start working. However he understood the words of angel from his own point of view and builds here the residence, but the church he placed inside it.

Interesting facts: 

  • Paul ruled the country for 4 years, 4 months and 4 days. He was killed at the Saint Michael’s Castle, he lived here only 40 days. On the facade of the castle you can find distorted biblical quote: “To your Home belong the glory of the Lord in the length of days.” In this inscription there are 47 letters, and Paul was killed on 47 year of his life.
  • After the death of Paul I, the building was given to engineering college. Here studied Feodor Dostoevsky.


  • The most famous ghost of St. Petersburg is claimed lives in this castle. A sad shadow of the emperor playing the flageolet (an instrument resembling a flute), was being seen in XIX century, sometimes it is being seen today. However, the museum staff noticed that at first sounds of music enough to say: “Hello, Your Majesty,” – and the ghost fades.
  • Argue that the color of the castle is one of Paul mistress gloves. She dropped this subject of clothes at the ball. Chivalrous emperor raised the glove, but he did not passed it to his mistress, but to the architect Brenna, who painted residence in this unusual for St. Petersburg color.

About Museum: In this building is located the branch of the Russian Museum. In several restored parade halls exhibited paintings and tapestries created in Russia in XVIII-XIX centuries. However, the most attractive object – the bedroom, where they killed Paul I – not recreated. Rigorous and cold halls décor is not much impressive and with a little luxury, so only the very emotional people can be impressed by this building. Working hours: 10am-6pm, Thu – 1pm-9pm. Day off: Tue. Tickets: adult – 300 rubles, students – 150 rubles, kids younger 16 years- free of charge.

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