Field of Mars

Value: the largest square of St. Petersburg.

Name Origin: the training exercises and the Guard parades were held here in the pre-revolutionary times. Ancient Romans called similar fields for training soldiers in honor of Mars, the Roman god of war. The same name was given to the square in St. Petersburg.

Interesting facts: in the Imperial Russia the Field of Mars was called “Petersburg Sahara.” It was huge sandy area where the soldiers were raising in the air clouds of dust while marching. The park was built only after the Revolution of 1917.

Major Attractions:

Eternal Flame – the first eternal flame in the history of Russia.

Monument to A.V. Suvorov – the monument of «Mars» of the Russian history.

Troitsky Bridge – – the only bridge in St. Petersburg, under which the plane has ever flown..

Summer Garden – a place where Peter the Great planted tomatoes and potatoes for the first time in the history of Russia.

The Mikhailovsky Castle – a building where the most famous ghost of Petersburg lives.

Church of the Savior on Blood – the most colorful and cheerful church in the city, built on the site of murder.

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