Field of Mars

Марсово поле. Путеводитель

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Value: the largest square of St. Petersburg.

Name: in the prerevolutionary period here were passing the training exercises and the Guard parades. Such a field for training soldiers in ancient Rome named in honor of Mars, the god of war. In the same way the square was named in St. Petersburg.

Interesting facts: In the Imperial era the Field of Mars was being called “Petersburg Sahara.” Here really was a huge sandy area where the marching soldiers were kicking up clouds of dust. Square was arranged only after the 1917 revolution.

Major Attractions:

Eternal Flame – the first eternal flame in the history of Russia.

Monument to A.V. Suvorov – the monument to Mars of Russian history.

Troitsky Bridge – the only bridge of St. Petersburg, under which the airplane flew.

Summer Garden – a place where Peter the Great the first time in the history of Russia planted tomatoes and potatoes.

The Mikhailovsky Castle – a building in which the most famous ghost of Petersburg lives.

Church of the Savior on Blood – the most debonair church in the city is in the place of the killing.

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