About us

iSpbGuide.com — is a free St. Petersburg Guide

Finally it appeared! With proud we represent our project “iSpbGuide”. Now and on everybody can use the individual St. Petersburg Guide at his or her own disposal: download it or use it online.

“iSpbGuide” is useful indeed, because:

– it is the only St. Petersburg guide distributed absolutely legally, safe and free
– it is the only St. Petersburg guide able to show you a piece of the movie “October 1917” by Eisenstein, play the 7th symphony by Shostakovich, draw exact map of the Decembrists Uprising and zoom the face of angel at the Palace Square
– it is the only St. Petersburg guide providing the constant context access to the articles of the most complete existing encyclopedia- Wikipedia
– it is the only St. Petersburg guide formatted for mobile devices

We aimed to make our guide not just informative, but interesting. When learning architecture and history of St. Petersburg you can also find a lot of funny facts, local legends and mystic stories.

If you like the project we ask you to help us. Your feedbacks are of great importance. If you find any spelling, content or interface error, please, inform us! Let’s make St. Petersburg tours interesting indeed!

Our team

Yuri Nezhinskiy

Юрий НежинскийDoctor of History. Graduate of St. Petersburg State University. Certified trainer of International Debate Education Association (IDEA). St. Petersburg guide. Author of researches on the city folklore, legends and mystics of St. Petersburg. Expert in daily life of imperial pre-revolutionary Russia.

Ilia Dobrovolskiy

Илья Добровольский St. Petersburg guru of applied computer sciences in arts and humanities. A living Russian hacker. Open to the constructive recommendations and proposals on the site usability.



Vladimir Stoliarov

Владимир СтоляровProfessional photographer and traveller. Master’s degree in geology. Member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers and the Russian Geographic Society. Participated in expeditions to Caucasus, Tian Shan, Altai, Kamchatka, Polar Urals, Spitsbergen, Himalaya, Peru etc.

Alexey Pashkov

гид - бесплатного путеводителя по ПетербургуMaster’s degree in history at St. Petersburg State University. Professional guide. Expert in the city folklore and image of the city in classical Russian literature.